Marine One – Buyer Beware!

After several comments on Aquatica Marine and Galleon Marine (Langley), I had to add just one more post to this otherwise boring blog.  As you can see by reading all of the comments, there are many people out there who have been taken advantage of by the unscrupulous people at this Langley boat dealership.  I have no personal knowledge as to who the new owners are of this new iteration of the business, but would recommend you be extremely cautious if you are planning to buy a boat from this dealer.  Please read all of the attached comments.

If anyone has any concrete information about the new ownership, please share it here.

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Aquatic Marine (formerly Galleon Marine) – same bad service!

I love you all for searching out Galleon Marine.  My absolute disdain for this boat dealer is off the charts.   We, too, we’re at the Vancouver International Boat Show this weekend.  My husband and I saw Galleon Marine – Langley, and it was all we could do not to make a huge scene.  Please, please, do not try to buy a boat from this dealer.  I have to add, as I understand it, Galleon Marine in Richmond is not associated with the Langley store.

We finally bought a great new boat this weekend and had great service from a dealer in Abbotsford.  As soon as I take delivery of the boat, I’ll give all the details.  Unfortunately, after all of our crazy, BAD service, I am hesitant to endorse a dealer until we see actual delivery.  Stay tuned… And stay far away from Galleon -Langley.  Seriously.

Thanks to those of you who let me know that Galleon have changed their name to Aquatic Marine.  As I understand it, Walter is the new owner, and he’s the guy everyone had problems with, so don’t expect to get the service you deserve if you go there.

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Inside Update – HUGE Progress

A couple of weeks ago we finished the ceiling, no small feat, I have to say.

The Ceiling

It took all three of us to do it and we worked pretty good together.  Did I mention that Katelyn was great with a nail gun and compound mitre saw?

Starting the First Bedroom

Within about 15 minutes of finishing the ceiling, high fives all around, we nailed or first piece of pine to the back bedroom wall.  Hmm, looks pretty good.  Hey wait, they go on waaaay faster on the walls!  By the end of the night, including the ceiling and walls, we put in 12 hours and made a dent in the first bedroom.

We now have two complete bedrooms, ceiling, walls, framing, crown moulding and beds in place.  Yahoo!  Check it out.

My New Weekend Bedroom

Gun-Toting Katelyn

About a month ago, before we even took possession, we found this really cool bunkbed for Katelyn’s room.  The whole thing is made of wood.  No, the whole thing!  There are no screws or nails and it weighs at least 500 pounds.  But how perfect is it?  This room is Katelyn’s but will work great when we have guests.  We had two double beds and a single in her room.  In our room we have our bed and a single bed so she can bunk with us if there is company.

The Bunkbed

Last weekend, we had four straight days so got a lot done.  In addition to the bedrooms, we managed to put paneling up in the whole place.  It looks like a whole new place.

This was a big job, but we finished it up just in time to head home in the daylight.  It’s also a challenge that the days are so short.  It’s really hard to work in the dark.  We still manage to put in really long days, and at the end, barely have a place to sit.  But not for long, the couch has been ordered and will arrive next week.  Then it will be harder to work when there’s a squishy couch to chill on.

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Boat Update – I can’t Even Talk About It

No seriously, I can’t talk about it.  So I’ll just make bullet points and you can make up your own story.

  • Come get the boat
  • Wait, the covers weren’t shipped
  • Loan boat leaks
  • Loaner boat almost sinks
  • Peter demands refund of deposit
  • 911
  • Back of the cruiser, sir
  • Bail me out?
  • Fuckers
  • Official dispute filed with Mastercard, no promises
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Boat Update

Remember all of that stuff I said about Galleon Marine? Still true. Remember the November 4th delivery date? Came and went. Peter called on the 3rd to see if everything was okay, he was told that it wasn’t there, but someone yelled (rudely) in the background that, “that boat is coming in to tomorrow!”. Nope. Another lie.

Seriously, the 4th came and went and NO BOAT!

On the 5th, Peter decided that enough was enough. In the truck, drive to Langley, and in he walked. He was pretty puffed up by the time he got there, and caught the tale end of a conversation concerning our boat. IT’S STILL IN EDMONTON!!! Okay, seriously? By the end of the face-to-face conversation, Peter left with a loaner boat, brand new off the lot. I mean, brand new. Peter said the guy cried a little when he drove it away, begging, “please don’t scratch my boat.”

So now, I think we are finally going to get the stupid boat. They have to be more motivated now that we have their brand new boat on loan. Right?

Stay tuned!

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More of the Inside

Behind the Wall with the Shelves is the Bathroom

"Master" Bedroom

Kitchen Part I

I keep telling people that the cabin is rustic, and it is.  The interior walls of the cabin are OSB.  Good OSB.  The funny thing is that the OSB is the wood from Ski-Doo crates.  I think that’s hilarious!  On the inside of the bathroom walls, you can read the stamp saying Ski-Doo.  I think that can be classed as rustic.

In the meantime, here are some shots of the rustic interior.  There is a teeny kitchen.  The funny thing is, it actually has more workable counter space than our house kitchen.  We only have a three burner cook top and an RV fridge, but hopefully we’ll manage until we can upgrade.

We also have two good sized bedrooms.   We have our bedroom and Katelyn’s/guest room.  We bought some gorgeous double bunkbeds made from raw logs, very cabinny.  We should have lots of room for everyone, as long as you aren’t too fancy.  Putting those bunkbeds back together should take a whole day.  They are made without nails or screws, just dowels.

The Kitchen II

We do have a toilette. I think the french sounds more sophisticated, don’t you?  Running water rocks, especially in the winter.

I can’t wait to finish the ceiling and move onto the next step!Best Fireplace Ever

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The Inside Work

So far I’ve focused on all the work that we have done outside to tidy the place up.  The big story is on the inside.  The first thing that Peter said when he saw the place was, “that ceiling has to go.  Who does that?”  Obviously the ceiling became priority number one.


The Drop Ceiling - "Who Does That?"

As I mentioned, the cabin is old, so you never know what you are going to find when you start to take things apart.  Friends of ours bought a cabin last year and thought they’d renovate, only to find out the whole place was so rotten it had to be torn down, all the way to the foundation.   So, I held my breath.

When the first tile came out, the biggest issue was really old insulation and lots of mouse poop.  Ick.  I mean lots of mouse poop.  Again, our friend Karen was an amazing trooper, put on her gloves and started hauling those ugly tiles out of the cabin.  Darn it, Karen, why didn’t I take pictures of that?  We got about a quarter of the way done on that first day before abandoning the ceiling for the sunny outdoors and the beach.

Coming Down

Peter went back to the cabin later in the week and took out the rest of the ceiling on his own.  You know he likes it better when no one is there, and for such as ugly job, I wasn’t about to argue.

Mouse Poop

The good news is that there is no water damage or rot, and other than the mouse poop, it all looks really good.  Cleaning the whole place took a huge amount of time, but getting it really well prepped made me feel like the whole place is cleaner.

Almost two weeks ago we started to put in the new ceiling.  We opted for pine tongue and groove.  At first we thought we would vault the ceiling, but once we got a good look at it, we quickly changed our minds.  We had the first couple of rows installed when our friend George called to say he was at the boat launch and would be staying the night to help out.  First Rows - Here We Go

George took one look at the ceiling and commented that it was a very daunting project.  Peter is an expert at “chunking it off”, and simply laughed off the comment.  Obviously we put George to work!

George Helping OutWe cracked open the first bundle of insulation (mmm, new fluffy, mouse poop-free insulation) and the swearing started anew.  Frickin’ Home Depot loaded the wrong size.  15 bales!  All the wrong size!  This means that every piece has to be measured and cut in half to fit between the joists.  Just another slow down.  Oh, can you imagine 15 bales of insulation travelling up the lake in a 17′ ski boat.  We should have taken pictures.  Unbelievable.

During the course of that evening, we managed to burn a huge circle in the bedroom carpet, make burn marks on the bedroom wall and find out that working by camp stove light really sucks.  Remember, no electric.

We put up a good dent in the ceiling, made a great steak dinner on the new BBQ and settled in to our first ever poker game at the new cabin.  Three handed, and I think I lost 🙂 First Poker GameThe table was left by the last owner.  At first we thought it was pretty cool, but it turns out that it is unbalanced and almost spilled our drinks several times.

This is how it looked after we took George home the next morning and got back to work.

End of Day Two

We spent the rest of the day making pretty good progress on the ceiling.  Once we got going, it started to roll pretty good.

We were there again for one night last weekend and with Katelyn, managed to get a whole lot more done.  Katelyn Taking a BreakAgain, we spent a lot of time working in virtual darkness, but we did make a significant discovery.  Electrical lights!  We have a deep cycle battery to run our iPod (ha!) and the amplifier for the cell phone.  It turns out that there was wiring to attach that provided RV lighting for the bedrooms and the bathroom.  Happy days!  No more taking a flashlight to pee!

We only had few hours, because we had a commitment to go for dinner and see Grease in Vancouver.   It was all I could do to drag Peter away.  Just for the record, Katelyn is a superstar with the nailer and the chop saw.  Three sets of hands work even faster than two.  Progress at the end of another day.  We are past the dreaded half way mark.End of Second Full Day

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